Executive Director

Jennifer Dowling is a composer from Brooklyn, NY. A multi-instrumentalist, music has been an integral part of Jennifer's life since she began studying classical piano at age 7. Jennifer’s music has been performed throughout NYC by artists such as Sybarite 5, Ken Kubota, Chi-Wei Lo, Aileen Gozali, Jocelyn Zhu, Cherry Yeung, Sebastian Zinca, and Jocelyn Pan.

In addition to pursuing her passion for music, Jennifer has worked as a neuroscience nurse in intensive care. She holds degrees from Ithaca College and Columbia University and currently studies composition at the Juilliard School under Raymond J. Lustig.

Jennifer hopes to break the preconceived public notions of “classical” music and bring varied, contemporary styles to a greater audience in current and future generations.



Director of Communications

Francis Petty is an Argentine composer who aims to create music that tells a story, unique and special to each listener. Since a young age, music has been an integral part of his life. Petty has studied several different instruments, but the piano is his primary instrument. Since his teenage years, Petty has composed and performed music in bands he has helped form, in his own music studio, and for television and radio ads. He is the founder of a Marketing Technology company based in Argentina, however, Petty continues to commit much of his life to composing music, regardless where his travels take him. Petty moved to New York City in 2017, where continued his music composition studies at Julliard, with Dalit Warshaw and Ray Lustig. He has mostly focused on composing for small ensembles, and most of his works where showcased in concerts in New York.

Through his music, Petty aims to breathe life into reflections and sentiments, offering the audience a chance of their own to reflect internally. Often times Petty’s music is inspired by his own personal reflections and sentiments of himself, those around him, and the world itself. In addition to being deeply emotional, Petty’s music also intends to incite accompanying imagery and connection to the audience. To him, Petty’s musical pieces are songs without lyrics, but still tell poignant stories nonetheless.



Music Director

Meredith Moore is an international musician with a diverse and prolific career as a horn player, music educator, and composer.

As a horn player, Meredith has performed with professional symphony orchestras in all corners of the globe, from London to Hawaii to India and almost everywhere in between. She has played in Broadway pits in New York, on soundtracks for Marvel and Pixar movies, with Cuban big bands in Havana and can be heard on a UK no.1 single with Sir Paul McCartney. She is a specialist on the classical and baroque natural horns and has curated numerous pieces for the horn and natural horn for solo recitals in New York and London. Meredith likes to consider her career highlight is performing Messiaen Appel Interstellaire at the Hootenanny in Woose, Wyoming for an audience of park rangers and cowboys.

Meredith started studying composition at the Juilliard Evening Division in 2019 under Ray Lustig and has had her compositions performed at the 2019 Juilliard Student showcase and with the string quintet Sybarite 5. She is interested in using composition to explore her synesthesia and using color as the primary language in her compositions.

Outside of music, Meredith is an accomplished photographer who has won awards and exhibited in galleries in New York City, across the United States, and in the United Kingdom. She holds degrees from the Royal Academy of Music (London) and the International Center of Photography (NYC).



Media Director

Patrick Suler is a composer and video artist residing in the suburban sprawl of NJ.

Born into a music loving family, his father introduced him to the synthesizer at age eleven, inspiring a lifelong passion.

As a teen, Suler developed a profound love of melody while playing in a surf band. He then received an eclectic education of music theory, performance, philosophy and filmmaking in college. His parallel career as a video editor synergistically fed his obsession with structure in music composition. Meanwhile, Suler experimented with many different musical veins from noise collage to progressive rock, before making his way to studying under Ray Lustig at the Juilliard School.

He writes and periodically performs in the live electronic duo, Ether Grove. Recently, Suler launched an Instagram feed (@patrick_suler) where he fuses his visual and compositional works.



Director of Operations

Sandra Garner is composer with a background and training in classical voice and piano. Over the past three years, she has been revisiting and expanding her musical roots through The Juilliard School’s Evening Division, studying composition with Raymond J. Lustig and Jared Miller alongside theory and ear training. She has had the pleasure of having her compositions performed by the Sybarite5 string quintet, celebrated soprano Charlotte Mundy, cellist Ken Kubota and clarinettist John Hong. Sandra sings as an Alto 2 with Choral Chameleon and has been studying the cello for the past year, checking things off on her musical bucket list. She is thrilled to be joining the Otonal collective in an active way and looks forward to making music together.



Director of Outreach

Originally from Kolkata, India, Bishu is a jazz bassist in New York city and has performed at festivals and clubs with musicians from New York city, San Francisco Bay area and beyond.  Bishu began playing the tabla at age 6 and later played the cello before taking up the double bass in his late teens.  He is a founding member of a legendary Indian music ensemble - Moheener Ghoraguli. Bishu studied music composition with Dalit Warshaw.  Bishu is always searching to make a connection between music, people, hope, and the environment.